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GrayWotrks specializes in building ColdFusion (CFML) applications for your eCommerce systems, dynamic database-driven web sites, intranets, and extranets. Combining the power of Adobe ColdFusion with our deep-rooted knowledge of the technology allows us to provide intuitive and powerful user interfaces and database driven content management tools, eCommerce shopping carts and backends for your web applications. Strategic Solutions has extensive experience creating database-driven sites using ColdFusion connected to MS SQL Server and MySQL. We are the web design company you can turn to for your ColdFusion development needs.  

ColdFusion is both an application server and a programming language. Most ColdFusion developers do not distinguish the two; they install the application server and use the language to write the applications that run off the server. ColdFusion is currently owned by Adobe which makes it integrate seamlessly with other dominating Adobe technologies. It's all about the resources and the elegant simplicity. There are five main factors in evaluating the use of any of programming technology: speed, features, open-source capabilities, security, and cost. When compared against other web technologies like PHP, ASP or JSP, ColdFusion hits the mark across the board. There is a common misconception that ColdFusion is a dying language. The truth is, ColdFusion was launched in 1995 and is to be considered the most mature language. ColdFusion is a viable technology that can save you both time and money. We have yet to find any programming that PHP, ASP, or JSP can accomplish that ColdFusion can not. But the biggest key is that ColdFusion has all of the tools right in its own back pocket. Out of the box, no other language has as many cool features such as business graphing, full-text search, PDF generation, and more. (Pssst! PHP and ASP require help from third party tools for these features, which also translates into more $.)

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